Monday, November 30, 2015

Interc Part 3

Since its inception in 1983, INTEC has achieved continous success in various programmes offered, which made it a leading brand in its own segment for international education hub.
Its various programs namely Pre University collaboration with leading international universities, Intensive Bridging Programme (IBP), Professional Accountacy programme (IPAC) and diplomas among others, has established the institution over the years.

Lets join us today and be part of our history and success. With INTEC, we assure our students embrace different experience of a distinguished education ecosystem.
10 reasons for you to choose INTEC:
1. Enriching learning experience that enhance students' knowledge and sharpen their interpersonal skills
2. Provides assistance in strengthening curricular foundation before entering preparatory programme
3. Increases chances in succeeding tertiary education by improving literacy, numeracy and social skills
4. Explore and discover students interests
5. Fills in free time with quality activities
6. Develops interest in continuing studies via fun learning environment
7. Affordable fees inclusive of accommodations
8. Accredited curriculum with global recognition
9. Qualified and experienced teaching staff
10. Located at the heart of Selangor - Shah Alam
Learn more about us at:
Hotline: +603 5522 7000
Facebook: INTEC Education College
Instagram: @intec_ec
Twitter: @intec_edu_col

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